Massive sound kit with 142 sounds, all categorized (Taking suggestions for new sound categories)

Moreee car sounds please!!! :))

i only found 2 new good ones, ill be adding more later on

Ill add these during the weekend

Found some of them, unfortunately its hard searching up these sounds since it just ends up showing up random stuff so i got only 8

This was seriously so necessary! Atleast now we dont have to look through all the roblox catalog :smile: tysm

This aged extremely badly.

Yknow, the audio update…


new roblox sound update.
sonunds larger than 6 seconds will bre private.

It would be tedious but he could just set them all back to public. It would just take a while. But yeah that is an issue lol :sweat_smile:

move to public will be disabled for -1 unknown time

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Oh well nvm then lol. I didn’t see that part of the post.

Time to upload these sounds to github, I guess

Thing is i litereally dont own a single one of these sounds and only uploaded my own sounds today to replace ones that will be gone

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I make effects using a sprite sheet effect using gui offsets i found on another dev forum post
“Flipbooks” announced

I make a massive sound kit
roblox nukes sound library

this emoji explains how i am rn well :clown_face:


we all love you for this thank you

This topic will be useless on 22 march due to audios becoming private.

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I actually checked this folder and most of them are not going away,

Discontinued for the forseeable future


I might restart work on this… depends on if theres still demand for sfx like this