Math.atan2 on the Y performing weirdly

So I got my character to look left to right but up and down is being weird when i get to 180 degress i think, here is the issue

My code

Try using CFrame.fromOrientation and not CFrame.Angles() as it is different.

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Looking at it, it says YXZ and not XYZ

It looks more like 90 degrees in your video. As @dthecoolest and @bluebxrrybot mentioned, 90 degree angles have issues with Gimbal Lock which causes 90 degree angles to flip from one axis to another.

I uh, I didn’t mention Gimbal Lock. I wish I was that smart with CFrames, though. No idea what that means. And I don’t know the difference between fromEulerAnglesXYZ and fromEulerAnglesYXZ. They just say it applies angles in a different order, but does that affect anything, or is it just for fixing small errors or preformance?

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Look at the link I sent for Gimbal Lock. It explains why it happens.
Here’s another link that may explain why it happens using diagrams.

It’s not atan2(X, Y) it’s atatn2(Y, X). The Y appears before the X, unlike the image shown above.

Ok, so here is your problem: using the atan2 for the rotationX. The atan2 function returns an angle in the correct quadrant based on the numbers that are given. Since the X axis rotation only needs to be in two quadrants, normal atan will work. Second is that you should be using .fromEulerAnglesYZX. There is a difference between YZX and XYZ. It would take a while to explain, so here is something that you can read if you want to learn about it. A visual intuition for Euler angles (Rotation vs Orientation)

	local difference = (player1.PrimaryPart.Position - player2.PrimaryPart.Position).Unit
	local rotationZ = math.atan2(difference.X, difference.Z)
	local rotationX = math.atan(-difference.Y)
    player1.PrimaryPart.CFrame = * CFrame.fromEulerAnglesYXZ(rotationX, rotationZ, 0)

One thing that I would recommend is that you don’t convert the angles to degrees after the atan2 operation. You do nothing with the degree version, so it is a waste of computing power to just flip it back to the original number right after.

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