Maumau94 Programmer Portfolio (Closed)

About Me

Heyo! I am maumau94, Ive been programing for over 5 months, and have many experiences working with many different people.

Programming Examples

Here you can see some of my work!

Venting System(Inspired from among us)

Placement System

2021-02-07 20-05-46

FrameWork System(OutDated)

AutoRebirth System

Twitter Code System

ATM Robbing System

Netflix but on roblox

Intro CutScene System

More Coming Soon:D


I am available for 3 to 5 hours of work on the weekdays and 5-8 hours on weekends.
You can contact me any time:D


Prices are negotiable, I accept either hourly pay or per asset. My preferred payment method is Group Funds, but i also accept gamepass and Shirt as payment.


You can contact me on Twitter at: or on discord MauBicho#1588


Thanks for reading! :smiley:


Highly recommend working with Mau. He gets the work done fast and is high quality.


True facts, he does tho ^ :+1:


I recommend mau. He has lots of talent and provides awesome quality.


I Recomend this guy, i have worked with him multiple times and hes really good at doing his job, you can count on him.

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Mau has been following me for some time now, and I never saw his true talent until recently. Really passionate & I see him going places in the future, reccomend working with him :slight_smile:

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Hi guys, I have worked with mau for months and he is the best at his job. He is a fast worker and talented!!!

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Thanks! It’s means a lot coming from you🙏

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Vouch I’ve worked with Mau before I highly recommend working with Mau he gets the job done right and gives a good result at the end. He is very talented at what he does!

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Great scripter/programmer. Love his work it’s truly amazing and really fast. He has worked with me many times and has never let me down! And is always ready to take on a challenge.

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Mau is a very creative, fast, and hardworking scripter! He never fails to deliver high quality work. Not to mention he has great problem solving and communication skills. Trust me, you won’t regret hiring Mau!

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I would very recommend Mau, young and talented developer which has bright future! Surely hire him!


Hello I have sent a request

My user is basketball#6503

I hope to work with you!