Medieval Town House | Semi Poly | Feedback

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my post.

I’ve recently finished working on this little medieval town house which I’ve been working on for about 1 day or so. Would’ve taken me less if the shape of the house wasn’t so messed up. Either way I’m happy with how it turned out.

It’s nothing too complex but again personally I like how it turned out. I wouldn’t say it’s really THAT detailed or anything near to “Realistic” but it does look decent.

The house has around 5,427 parts and about 35,077 instances.

Everything you see was made in Roblox Studio by me BESIDES the trees and the barrels, those are not mine and they’re there just to add to the showcase.

I’d love to hear your feedback and take it into consideration for my future builds.

Some things that look off that I’ve already noticed myself:

  • The poorly centered roof (Can be quite hard to spot as I’ve taken the screenshots that way you wouldn’t actually spot it)

  • Roof tiles dissappearing whilst zooming out / walking further away from the build.

If you spot anything off please make sure to tell me, I’d really appreciate it.



-Also this is kind of a remake of a house I made a few months ago which wasn’t ever really meant to be as detailed but I still think it’s quite a huge improvement.

[Old House]


Oooh-I like it!
Very Victorian, I can see it beeing some games

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Hell yeah! I love your house. One critique is that the neon is way too bright. Opaque glass windows may look more realistic and less like an eyesore if you’re planning to make lots of houses in great number. The door could also be made of wood too, lol.

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Just finished making another house in a similar style.

Just posted on your latest one and now seeing this one; the amount of detail you put into these is insane.

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I really like it! Especially how much detail this has. Keep it up!

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Just a question! Does this lag the game on laptops?

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If you’re near the house, then yes, also depends on the graphics. Highest graphics? Yes. Lowest graphics? No.

Also made this on a laptop.

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Oh alright! Just didn’t know! Thanks for the info!

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