Mentorship Program for New Members

It seems like it isn’t needed as anyone with a fair sense of judgement can just ask someone with authority, DM a Member of the Developer-Relations Team and/or just do something as simple as a Google Search. There could also be some expansion on the Discobot Tutorials like @krunnie suggested.


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Although I have not been a (new) member for very long, I was accepted in early December and would read the forums before then; I think I can do a fair job helping others, and I know other new members could much better than myself. I think limiting this to members as mentors is not the best method.

Second, I think more realistically when it comes to things like reasonable collaboration posts, the best method may be to form general rules to follow formed by input from the community, giving an outline of what payments to give, etc. Although I would love to be a mentor and help out, I think the best method would to make more resources easily accessible with general “rules” set by the community.


How do I actually participate in the program?


You don’t. This is merely an idea. We’d all be notified if this idea became a reality however.

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