Mesh texture problem

Hello! Today I downloaded blender and created my first model.

As you can see the model has colors, only in the studio there are none!
i imported into my world using meshpart and using Asset manager. Help me!
Bye! :wave:
P.SHow do you like my first model?

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There are a few ways to go about bring the color of the mesh into studio. The one I would recommend here is using vertex colors, as they are great for solid colors. You can find more tutorials on Youtube. Note that you have to export in FBX, as OBJ doesn’t support vertex colors.


I’d recommend searching your problem on the devforum before posting, as this has been asked many times.

I searched on YouTube for a solution to this problem, nothing helped.

By the way, where is Vertex Color?

How many meshes is it? I recommend importing it into studio and just coloring it there.

This is a low-poly model (I combined all the parts into one model)

Always search before you create a new topic, because this exact question has been asked many many times.

This topic will answer your question though. How import a blender model with they colors? (most recent version) - #2 by gavdingo