MessagingService:PublishAsync message limit not documented

The MessagingService:PublishAsync method documentation states nothing about the message size limit. This should be added to the documentation page so that developers understand the limitations that they must work around.

For those wondering, the limit appears to be 974 characters from my rough tests:

The typo in the error message has been reported here.


The actual limit should be 1KB/1024 characters. Curious if the 50 character difference is a bug or not.

Just some notes about the size limit. The best I can find is some image of an old quote from staff. Oof.

The size limit is probably still 1kB as mentioned, with something else taking up the remaining 50 character space internally. Maybe JSON formatting + the Data/Sent fields? Digging this much really shouldn’t be necessary though, some better documentation would definitely be great.

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This is pretty important info for developers to know before they start designing systems, as the size cap will impact design choices. Definitely would’ve been nice to know earlier for me personally.


Oh that’s super useful to know!