Military VS Zombies 2 | v.1.4.1 Changelog

Recent Changes:
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  • AIR DROPS :airplane:
    – Air drops containing a randomly selected weapon will periodically drop at a randomly selected around the map

First drop on a server takes 11 minutes to occur, further drops will take ~14 minutes to occur
Crates despawn after 2 minutes after touchdown
You may only collect one crate per character lifetime, meaning you have to die to collect another crate
Weapons collected from the crate cannot have their ammo refilled

I may change some restrictions and adjust time interval depending on things play out in-game.

    – Black ammo counter bug fixed
    – Global leaderboard UI changed up
    – Game version now displayed on bottom right of screen, can be enlarged temporarily by clicking it
    – Texture added to Armored SUV
    – Changed settings UI

:exclamation: Armored SUV Quest will be removed at the end of this month. Finish it while you can!

Previous Changes:

  • NEW QUEST :globe_with_meridians:
    – This can be initiated by the NPC with dialogue next to spawn
    – Upon completion, you will recieve a unique Armored SUV! [This can be spawned free using the spawner located in the city]

  • MAP REVERTED TO NORMAL :world_map:
    – It was about time the halloween theme was removed, 4 months later :grimacing:

  • GAMEPASS SALE :heavy_dollar_sign:
    – All gamepasses are on sale up to 20% off! This sale lasts until 26th February
    – This is the first gamepass sale ever and could be the last!

  • :jack_o_lantern: HALLOWEEN UPDATE
    – Map is now halloween themed
    – Zombies were changed to be halloween themed:
    – New zombie added for halloween
  • Quest update to be added in a day or two, few bugs need to be fixed
  • Reverted map back to normal
  • Added ammo crate at base back (Was temporarily removed due to a bug)
  • Added a South gate for military base
  • Exclusive weapons added for people who completed the mini quest! These will appear in your inventory everytime you spawn. Congratulations
    – Frostbite AK47 (Has a 8% chance of temporarily freezing the zombie you are shooting at)
    – Santa’s Desert Eagle
  • Dragon’s Breath Desert Eagle now has a 8% chance of setting the zombie on fire for a few seconds
  • Help GUI added for new players. Can be accessed by at spawn by a prompt
  • Added ammo crate inside base
    – Purchasing ammo at the base will come at a fixed price of 50 points
  • Added snow uniform equipment to spawn. This will remain at spawn for however long the snow lasts.
  • Changed colour of CCTV Camera buttons to white in order to make it more visible
  • The military have decided to act on the issue of people jumping into the river and installed signs warning people that the river kills you.
  • 2 more camera locations added in City
  • Added a map narrowing down locations where the presents are. Legends say this is in possession of the CIA :eyes:
    – You can take a handheld copy of the map on the table with maps
  • CIA Bunker was updated
  • Security Cameras added
    – This can be found within the CIA Bunker
    – This allows you to various security cameras location around the map
  • Headshot multiplier added
    – Pistols do 35% more damage
    – SMGs do 30% more damage
    – Assault rifles do 20% more damage
    – In terms of Snipers, M110 does 30% more damage, M700 does 20% more damage, Dragunov SVD does 50% more damage
  • Shotguns do 10% more damage
  • SPAS-12 ammo capacity nerfed (210 > 96) (It was never meant to have 210 in the first place)
  • AA-12 ammo capacity nerfed (160 > 140)
  • Night vision option added for Special Forces pack helmet
    – To activate night vision, press “N” on your keyboard or press the night vision button on mobile devices
    – You MUST be wearing the Special Forces helmet in order to use this feature
  • Goggles and Tactical Shades added to the mountain bunker
  • Cabin at the Snow Area is no longer enterable due to small/large amount of zombies getting stuck there
  • Anchored the concrete rubble in the city

:gun: Weapons:

  • Guns now have animations
  • Gun points wherever you look in first-person
  • Some gun models were updated to have a higher quality model, these guns are:
    – MP5
    – Dragunov SVD
    – Glock 17
    – Beretta M9
    – M4A1
    – M16
    – SCAR-L
    – SPAS-12
    – AA-12
    – MAC-10
    – Beretta 93R
    – HK417
  • MP5 and S&W Model 66 gun sounds were changed
  • Weapon GUI is more clean now and takes less space on the screen
  • Minor cosmetic effect changes made to Cyber Dragon and Dragon’s Breath gamepass weapons.
  • Glock 42-S magazine capacity reduced. 15 > 8
  • Unequipping weapon while reloading cancels the reload

:oncoming_automobile: VEHICLES:

  • Vehicle chassis was updated to be much more smooth when driving
    – Should handle terrain/bumps with more ease rather than abruptly stopping
  • Rear lights of vehicles should light up when headlights are on now
  • Vehicles spawn in a white paint colour for now
  • Vehicle colour customization available at a paint shop at a certain location
    – As of now the only colours available are a Woodland Green, Desert and White
  • Note: If the cars feel like they are stuck, and you know the car isn’t obstructed or in park, try moving the car back and forth and it should get moving.
    :world_map: MAP:
  • :snowflake: Snow has covered the map
  • New CITY area added
    – You will be able to purchase medkits at the hospital. You can only carry up to 2 medkits
  • Christmas decorations added around the map
  • New atmosphere feature added to replace the classic fog
    – Night time will look more darker than before
  • Woodlands terrain is less flat


  • Minor graphical changes
  • Run and crouch button is now only available for mobile devices
    – To sprint on computer, hold down LEFT SHIFT, to crouch, press “C”.
  • Camera now moves down when crouching

:santa: QUEST INFO:

Talk to Santa to activate the quest. Dying deactivates the quest. Everytime the quest is activated, the present locations change

  • Standing zombies issue should be fixed :crossed_fingers:
  • Fixed issue of snow atmosphere staying when resetting
  • Some other minor bug fixes
  • BRAND NEW TUNDRA AREA to explore
  • New Weapon (Dragunov SVD)
    • Only available to purchase in an undisclosed area
  • New Vehicle (Snowmobile)
  • New Zombie Sounds
  • New Zombie Animations
  • Zombie’s detection range slightly increased
  • New Zombies! (Snow Zombies, Lumberjack Zombie, Strong Snow Zombie, Kamikaze Zombie )
  • You now hold “E” or click the prompt to equip the military equipment
  • You can switch between different vests without resetting
  • New Army Uniforms available in a secret area
  • Tactical shades now don’t remove all your accessories. Accessories will only be removed if you wear the helmet
  • Minor edits to trees
  • Zombies can be more easily knocked down by cars when hit at high speed
  • Increased recoil to M700 sniper
  • Removed assisted base entry for zombies at the rear of the base
  • Removed the quest
  • Removed zombies that spawn inside the base
  • You now have to trigger the prompt at the exit door to leave the bunker rather than touching the door
  • Base gate improved, it now slides rather than going invisible
  • Fixed issue of zombies getting stuck in top boundary
  • New MP5 Sound
  • Added barriers infront of the water infront of the military base
  • Dragon’s Breath Desert Eagle now has an 8% chance of lighting the zombie on fire!
  • Fixed collisions issue at Island. You should now be able to access the whole island
  • Parachutes will now only be handed out when entering the helicopter and removed when landing
    • This is to prevent people from using it to troll people when they’re driving
  • Collision improvements
  • Vehicles will automatically turn on parking brake when exiting
    • This is to prevent cars from driving away into the distant when hopping out while it is in drive
    • Parking brake sign was added in addition to this
  • Vehicles will now only be able to be driven by the vehicle owner

Other info