Miner's Haven open-sourced: everything you need to make your own factory game

Update: I’ve released my other popular mining game Azure Mines as a free model on Roblox. This time around I specifically designed it like a kit to make it easy to edit and remix for people that don’t have advanced scripting knowledge. Theres no license, go wild and do whatever you want with it.

Edit: If you are using the kit you can join the Infinite Mining Games Discord for scripting help, kit announcements and to share your creations or to check out what others are making! https://discord.gg/tyR8znW


Cool! thanks for the kit. Love your games, I’ll probably use it a lot.

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Nice! But i got a question, we can use Modules instead of storing the ores data inside each ore? There is any difference when doing it? And what do you recommend me to use, Modules or values?

This is awesome. As a diehard fan of both AM and MH it’ll be so fun to tinker around with these kits. Can’t wait to take a look!

This is a first! I haven’t seen a major developer do this, unless it was from the Games team in like 2014. Cool!

I remember when I used to play Azure Mines,I loved it a lot and spent a lot of my time on it.Sadly a developer can’t update his old creations forever, everything must come to an end. The good thing is that with this kit, people might create cool games and continue your work.

I build own Miner Haven Construction Kit.

Yes, I made a fan game of Azure Mines, but I have one issue on it:
I am trying to make it unique by each time somebody joins, the gift can be different from the blue-yellow gift. These are the gifts I mostly put:

and this one:

I am trying to find a solve for this one.
Can anynody give me how to make this thing I explained unique?


The mining kit is slightly broken. Both of the pickaxe scripts look for “stats”, a nonexistent child of the pickaxe

Would like to change certain player stats, how is that properly?

How do you add halloween themed items like the current MH has?

You will need to find them on the Roblox library if they were submissions.

Enjoy the submittters getting mad at you if ya do that, but yeah.
I am done with MH modding or whatever cause of that :confused:

If they put it out as a Free Model, anyone can use them. They should not be getting mad if they put it out there for everyone.

Yeah, I said that to all the submitters that get mad but they don’t give a f–k