Mobile graphics for my game is messed up

I recently made a camera manipulation update for my game, and suddenly the graphics has turned into this on mobile. The graphics on PC look fine. I tried every solution to solve this problem, but nothing worked.

Is there anything I can do to solve this problem?

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Nice Undertale game. What I use is a plugin that automatically rescales all GUI’s depending on the players screen.

If you play your game, you can see it work in real time by resizing the explorer.

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Thank you for responding DevBoard.

I already knew that the auto scale tool is a thing, but I am wondering how to fix the graphics from being metallic black to its normal graphics on mobile that is showcased on the screenshot.

Can you show me a photo of the graphics on pc compared to the graphics on mobile?

It looks like the mobile graphics are not rendering the sun properly. Try changing your graphics quality in settings, and seeing if that makes any difference.

I have turned my graphics quality all the way up on mobile and the problem is still there.

The only light source you have right now is the sun. You could try to play around with the sun in lighting, to see if that makes a difference. If this doesn’t work, I think you will have to make some things like street lights to act as a backup. I know this will not be the same as the original Undertale map, but I can’t think of a different fix.

I don’t know that much about lighting though, maybe another post has had the same problem as you and solved it.