Model is not showing

this is a model I made but it is not loading can some one help me on how I make it show? thank you

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Is your model a union? If that is the case then this is a glitch and cant be really fixed, this glitch can happen in 2 ocasions

Type 1: You are in a team create and someone from the team create unioned a model

Type 2: You joined the game and your union is not working/appearing

For type 1 it is really simple to solve, you will need to save the game and restart studio, after joining the team create again you should see the model.

For type 2 you cant do anything about it, if you joined your game and the union dosent loads then it is because your union got corrupted and you cant retrieve it.

what do I do if it is type 2 thank you for your help

also it said Unable to load plugin icon. - Studio
MeshContentProvider failed to process because ‘could not fetch’ - Studio

You should probably use the Search button up top before you post a question like this since it’s been answered many times in the past:

As to the plugin error, that has nothing to do with your Union not appearing. That has to do with the image not loading for a plugin you have.

it did that because when I first put the model in it said something and I click yes but I did that again and instead of saying yes I said no then it was fixed. so thank you all for trying to help