Modern UI Colour Schemes

Hey! This topic has a list of cool color schemes for modern UI designs. Feel free to use them.

Dark: {
20,20,20 ~ Modern Black
25 ,25,25 ~ A Bit lighter
30,30,30 ~ Light
35,35,35 ~ Very Light

I would not recommend using a lighter color than these, but that depends on your style.

Light: {
255,255,255 ~ Very Basic
85,85,85 ~ Moderatley Dark White
75,75,75 ~ Darkish White

Those are the basic modern white colors, and of course, you can always change them to suit your style

Some pictures of what I have made using these:


I don’t recommend these colors, they are too dark.

My palette (More of a variety of colors.)


Some people like dark colors, and I know a lot of people that do. But your colour palette is also pretty useful.

I can agree.

Just remember: everyone can have their own opinions!

Yup! I can also agree with that, as some people like dark colors, and some don’t.

Great Tip for beginner UI Designers.

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Love it! Very neat and clean. Good job :wink:


still kinda werid considering that it was his thread…

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Saw your UIs in this topic. It was amazing and you know? I might even use it! It’s really nice looking, neat, clean (trying to find more synonyms lol). But yeah it’s cool!

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Thanks! If there are any other great colors, please let me know. I’m sure it would really help others in need.