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I want to learn how to use Module Scripts I do not know how

I looked at the Developer Hub and TheDevKing, AlvinBlox, GamerM8, I cannot understand them.

I need to know how to use Module Scripts because I cannot understand them in any way I only used them twice and I never understood them. Please if you could help me.


Assuming you understand how functions work, this is how I came to understand it. You can make a function or variable inside a module script, and it can be called or accessed from any other script with a reference to the module.

In it’s simplest form a module script has 2 things that differ it from a regular script

  • The ModuleScript will not run immediately, it will only run when another script calls require() on it
  • A ModuleScript returns something to the place it was called (this is incredibly useful


-- Server Script

local ModuleScript = require(game.ServerScriptService.ModuleScript) -- you must use require
-- now the ModuleScript "ModuleScript" will run

We required the ModuleScript so it runs

-- ModuleScript 
print("Hello World") --> will print hello world once the module is required by the Script

local ValueToReturn = 50

return ValueToReturn -- this works like any return and return the value to where it was called

We write any code in the ModuleScript

Now back to the Server Script

-- Server Script

local WhateverTheModuleReturns = require(game.ServerScriptService.ModuleScript) -- you must use require

print(WhateverTheModuleReturns) --> 50, because that's what we returned  in the ModuleScript

There’s really a third thing, which is that ModuleScripts can be run on the Server and on the Client (though they won’t share the same data)


So stuff like this:

-- ModuleScript
local testModule = {}

function testModule.printSomething(...)

return testModule

-- ServerScript
local testModule = require(script.TestModule)
local printFunc = testModule.printSomething("String")



-- ModuleScript
local module = {
    ["Value"] = 5;

return module

-- ServerScript
local module = require(script.ModuleScript)

Yes that is a use of ModuleScripts, they are extremely useful because you access tables with functions or objects with properties and have them abstracted from your main code. And you can reuse them.

Thank you so much :smiley:
This has made me so happy but I do have a question.

am I able to do stuff like countdowns? for I.G.

local module = {}
    function module:Countdown(clock)
        for i = 1,10,-clock do
            -- example: game.StarterGui.ScreenGui.TextLabel.Text = i

return module

-- ServerScript
local module = require(script.Module)


yes you can run any functions you want.

ModuleScripts are especially good for OOP, this is a good post about it.

OOP ? I always wonder what

OOP or OP means

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