More reliable F2 renaming plugin!

Hello Devforum!

I am presenting a plugin I made in about a day, Reliable Renaming! I created this plugin after trying to rename some GuiObjects with F2 for it to simply not work, forcing me to select another instance in the explorer and re-select the instance I wanted to rename. This gets irritating after a while, so I decided to make a more reliable and easy-to-use plugin for this issue!

Fits in nicely with any other KasCode plugins in one toolbar!

Some usage instructions or tips:

  • To disable the plugin, simply click on the icon named “Reliable Renaming” in the plugins tab
  • To cancel renaming, either click away from the box or press Esc
  • Press F2 to start renaming your first selection
  • Press Shift + Q to rename all selected instances (good for bulk renaming)

This plugin is also non-destructive, meaning everything can be undone/redone utilizing ChangeHistoryService.

Please report any bugs you may find as it’s difficult to test every usage scenario!


Minor update:

  • Fixed an issue where plugin would error during playtesting
  • Changed the UI to stand out more against the background and added a label showing the class of the selected instance

Minor update:

  • Fixed a relatively major issue where the plugin wouldn’t function properly in Team Create places.

Major update:

  • Whenever the GUI pops up, the previous name of the first selected instance will be in the text box (all text selected to be easily replaced)
  • Changed behaviour of Shift + Q to rename all selected instances whereas F2 only renames the first selected instance.

Minor update:

  • Important bugfix where plugin would error and sometimes break when attempting to rename with no selection.
  • Changed font for textbox to something more readable and changed some colours to make text clearer and for the general UI to stand out more seperately.

The issue where the plugin errors when updating still occurs, and I can’t really figure out why but it’s minor enough that closing and re-opening the place fixes it so I won’t go through the effort.

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