Motor6d help with sword

the sword doesnt follow the arm
local weld3 =“Motor6D”,Character:WaitForChild(“Right Arm”))

weld3.C0 =,-0.7,-0.7)

weld3.Part0 = Character:WaitForChild(“Right Arm”)

weld3.Part1 = Tool.Sword

It looks like it is following the arm, are you saying it isn’t positioned in the hand the way you want it to be? It does look like he isn’t holding the handle quite right. If that’s the case you just need to adjust the C0 property a bit

i meant that its staying in the same place

Let me see if I’m understanding this correctly: Do you want the sword to be a part of the animation in that you can manipulate and rotate it when you’re editing this animation?

The motor6D you have now will only make sure the sword is in a position relative to the right arm that you put into the C0 property.

Alright, so basically the sword and the motor6D that you have put here need to be a part of the dummy rig that you use to make the animation when you use the animation editor, this tutorial explains it nicely in detail: