Mouse locks to upper left corner when testing in studio

Whenever I test a game in studio my mouse locks to the upper left corner of the screen.This is only on test clients, so the test server and actually doing stuff in studio are both okay. But as soon as I put the mouse into the frame of any client it locks onto the top left so all I can do is click the menu button until I mouse out of the game window.

Oddly enough, having a different window focused means I can move the mouse wherever in the background, and I can click on stuff once but that puts the focus back on the client, moving my cursor to the top left corner again.

Is this a problem with my mouse or something? I’m in Windows 10 using a CM Storm mouse.

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I’m also getting this. Is it related to this issue?

No I don’t think so. I’ve had this for a while I just haven’t had a chance to go on Roblox in a while or post this. You sure you have the same thing as me though? I literally can’t move my mouse on the test game, until I mouse off into the studio panels or elsewhere. Are you using Windows 10 as well?

Ah, well my problem is the mouse snaps to the upper left corner when I focus on the window. I can move it after that, but it seems similar to your issue.

I had this the other day. No idea how to reproduce. It just… happens. :0

This was working for a while yesterday, but now it just locks onto the top left again :frowning:

EDIT: Found out a cause for the problem. As soon as I change mouse speed in the settings to 7 or more, it locks into the top left. Changing it back down doesn’t do anything until you restart the test place. When the test place starts with mouse speed set to < 7, it works okay.

We had to turn off the fix we had for this issue. It’ll be fixed again as soon as we work out the new problems!


How do you lower the sensitivity to temporarily fix this? I can’t access the menu because my mouse remains locked in the top left…

EDIT: Nevermind, just figured out tab and arrow keys work in the menu.