MouseEnter/MouseLeave are buggy (not working as intended)

Before I get into this bug report, I know there are members on the DevForum who have those comments pertaining to proper forum usage and whatnot, so I’d like to clear it up first:

  • Yes I did use the search bar.
  • No, none of the topics there have a solid solution I’d like.
  • No, the bug still hasn’t been touched/fixed despite those many posts.
  • No, I don’t want to necro posts from '14 or whenever they were posted.

Note: This is a bland Gui. There’s no fancy effects on it.

Using MouseEnter or MouseLeave on Gui buttons is completely fine and works as expected. When MouseButton1Click (or any other mouse down function) is incorporated, that’s where the bug begins. After clicking the button and firing any connected down events, the button reverts to its former state, effectively making it “unhovered”. When the mouse is moved even a pixel, it fires MouseEnter on the button. Now what I’d normally expect is that when I fire a mouse down event, the button can still be “hovered on” and won’t fire MouseEnter or let the button revert to its former state.

This bug happens every time. I’m pretty sure I explained how to reproduce the bug while describing what the problem was. I’m quite sure that most, if not all places, that do not have unique code, hacky methods or have implementations to solve this (however that is), experience this problem.

This bug happens on all versions of ROBLOX. It is not level or game specific.

I can’t record in Studio for whatever reason, I’m having a bit of difficulty with OBS right now and I don’t have any other screen recording program, so hopefully this GIF will suffice:

I haven’t a clue when it started happening. All I know is that I found threads made as far back as 2014. It’s been 7 years and it hasn’t been addressed. I found 12 topics in Bug Reports > Client Bugs related to MouseEnter/MouseLeave.

Here’s a “repro place”, if you desire to test it. It uses a bland text box and the three connections described in the first paragraph, not much else. Open it up and run it on play solo (F5).
“_ck” is for click, “_hv” is for hover, “_lv” is for leave. This helps indicate what the last event fired was.
Mouse over the button, take it off the button. Put the mouse back on the button, click, move your mouse slightly.
mouse bug repro place.rbxl (16.3 KB)


I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but could you take a look at your gyazo link and see if it works? Doesn’t seem to be working for me.

Edit: I got it for covered for you here:


Gotta necro-bump this. I’d rather not spend a chunk of time creating my own mouse behavior to circumvent a small bug and utilize it for a limited number of buttons.

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Are reports regarding this specific issue ignored? For the many posts on this exact same topic, they have not received adequate replies and end up driving from existence on the forums. This has been a problem for a long time and fixes are being refused.

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No, Roblox does not ignore bug reports or feature requests.

It might be that it has a low priority on their backlog, or that it is blocked by other work, or the fix may be more complex than it seems. It’s difficult to tell, but they are for sure not refusing fixes just for the sake of it.

It sure seems like it, personally, if posts date back to 2014 about this issue.

@Sharksie was looking into this and similar problems during his internship, so it’s not being ignored. I’m not sure what ended up happening with that, though. If I had to take a guess, the problem is complicated to solve, and has never been a popular request (OP only has six likes), so it’s never been high on the priority list.

We still intend to fix this, but this bug is basically a symptom of a larger problem of some of things we do for input processing in Roblox. We have a task to rewrite a lot of this code, but I can’t really give an eta at the moment about when we will look into this.


After a lot of work, this should now be fixed as of version 357!


Thank you for your hard work. At long last, these awesome events see touch up!

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