Move #development-discussion lower on the main page

Forgive me for thinking that. The way you worded your post made it seem like that.

There is no point. #help-and-feedback is already extremely visible.

What I am saying is, it would limit the use of #development-discussion. The category name has a very misleading title, and moving it down would likely prevent people from mis-using it.

You really need to rewrite your post to what you really want. Right now you’re all over the place.

Ok. I re-wrote it. Is it better or no?

Flag the post or mute the category. Changing the positioning of Development Discussion isn’t a real deterrent for category misuse.

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Maybe you should read my following statement regarding this on another topic…

I also believe somebody else already made this feature request.

I don’t agree with you, new members surely know how to scroll.
Moving it to a lower place doesn’t mean it’s hidden.
It just will be annoying

While I’m disagreeing with the OP, i wanted to know, how will it be annoying?

They have finally fulfilled our request; #development-discussion is now below #forum-feedback!

Great job forum staff!

They even put it under #bulletin-board

I remember having a conversation with a former friend and in it he suggested that putting it under #bulletin-board would cause users to post the topics in #bulletin-board, by instinct. I’ve already seen a few topics in #bulletin-board (because discourse mobile does a really good job at hiding muted categories) that would have otherwise been posted in #development-discussion (but still inappropriate for the latter).

Now I think we’re going to get false bug reports saying it’s a bug that it’s moved down :pensive:


Sincerely, I don’t really like this change. I probably got very used to how the website looked in the past, and that kinda annoyed me. Plus, when I didn’t saw the category, I thought I got banned from it. To be honest, it kinda sucks, but who am I to give high decision opinions anyway…


Agreed, I kinda got used to the old format and freaked out when I didn’t see DD at the top. To be honest, it should remain at its old position but only Regulars should be able to create topics and Members can reply.

i don’t understand what’s going on here
why do some people (including you btw) say that development discussion should get moved for good
i even saw this topic weeks ago talking about it

also i’m not sure if this small update would really reduce the number of off topic posts in #development-discussion
like a user might scroll through the categories and they are thinking of putting something in #development-discussion about some random off-topic post
or they might make more off-topic posts in #help-and-feedback

It seems as if #bulletin-board is automatically muted so this shouldn’t be an issue.

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I would not want Roblox to make anything extra ‘regular exclusive’ until upgrading to regular comes back.


It seems that it has been reverted… Weird…

Hi everyone! Sorry for the confusion. I’m a new moderator on the DevForum and accidentally initiated the category reordering. The categories are staying in their current position at the moment.


No worries! Maybe after some more thinking you guys could figure out something better perhaps!

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that’s a little strange lol
i sort of laughed even noticing that the change got reverted

seems like a mod probably looked at this topic and decided to put #development-discussion at the bottom, then after a few hours, they left it to where it was before for some reason

not sure why they did that but @metaversek1ng said he was a new mod and he accidentally put development discussion below #forum-feedback

I believe you already answered your own “unsureness” when it’s in the sentence that he “accidentally” put #development-discussion below #forum-feedback, and I’m kind of surprised people are still up for this feature request even though it would not do any good.

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