Moving Plateforme others client glitch

I have a problem with the physics of my game.
To move the platform, I use the tween service. And to avoid players to fall, I use a system similar to jailbreak train. But I have a problem, other players are glitched. They move in all directions.
Someone knows how to fix this little problem?

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I suggest you just use Prismatic Constraints.

How and where do I put it? Server or Client Script?

Well your going to have to put it on the server in order for all clients to see it.
I believe the issue you are experiencing is a flaw with the system you are using. Instead, you could use
prismatic constraint.

But I don’t understand how I can use it, because I want to make a system to control a boat with it

You could reference this:

How do you do this, without explaining this it is near impossible to solve your issue.

Please do not ask people to write entire scripts or design entire systems for you.

Because of this, you should provide what code you already have.

That will block players from walking on the platform.

I made a post recently about an identical issue with moving parts and characters moving with them.

I recently replaced tweens with constraints as you can see in this game:

This was the game I switched the method out.

Game features 0 moving platforms?

I put a video to show the problem. (The other players are glitched and move in all directions)
The platform moves with TweenService

Go through the portal in the middle of the spawn.

Physic test - Roblox (fixed)
Join this game to understand the bug, you need 2 or more player on the platform to see the bug

You should call :SetNetworkOwnership(nil) on the platform and see if that does anything.


Sorry, I meant :SetNetworkOwner(nil)

Oh, in that case there really is no fix other than using AssemblyVelocity (which is a lot of trial and error) or @Developer6786 's solution.

But if I do that, the players won’t be able to jump, or climb on trusspart when the platform moves

With constraints you will be able to.

I don’t understand how to move the platform with a Prismatic Constraints. Because I want to make a boat system that the player can control and move as he wants