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Scrim Holder Guidelines
  • Want to be a scrim holder? Here’s how!
  1. Make a ticket in our community server (go to bot commands and type /open) and include your past experience and why you want to be a scrim holder, please also specify how often you can host a scrim and how you would handle a a toxic situation.

  2. If we are sold by your application, you will be given a trial where a staff member will give you moderator and stay for the entire scrim, watching your every move. They will then report back to the developers on how you did, and the developers will have the final say.

Scrim Holder must be able to host at least 2 scrims a week unless giving prior reason as to why they can’t.

If you don’t host at least 2 in a week without valid reason, you will be removed from your position. You will have 3 strikes with this system.

Moderator/Scrim Holder Rules
  • Scrim Holders CANNOT be bias of any kind towards a team they/a friend are on. They must call the game down the middle. If you’re caught being bias, you will be warned and possibly even removed from your position.

  • Scrim Holders must use a 3 strike system with players when hosting a scrim, for example, if the person in question is spamming in the chat (stuff like “O” is not included in this" then you must warn them to stop, if they continue to do it you must kick them, and if they rejoin and continue it will be a ban. EVERY MEMBER OF THE TEAM MUST FOLLOW THIS RULE WHETHER YOU’RE A DEVELOPER OR A MODERATOR!

  • No admin abuse of any kind. Failure to follow this will result in immediate removal from your position.

  • You must team anybody waiting on the Fans team during a scrim as soon as possible.

Update Log

Coming Soon

Moderator Commands

Match Commands:


  • :nodrills - Removes Crossers and extra goals
  • :drills - Adds crossers and extra goals

Match Setup:

  • :match - Removes all balls in the server, disables :pb and adds barriers to set pieces automatically.
  • :nomatch - Enables :pb
  • :starttimer - Starts the in game timer (Must be used again when the in game timer hits 45:00
  • :resettimer - Resets the in game timer
  • :open - Opens the pitch door to allow players on
  • :close - Closes the pitch door to block new players coming onto the pitch. (Recommended after you’ve teamed everyone and began the match)
  • :score 0 0 (Replace each number with the score, eg: 1 0, 2 0)
  • :sbhname - Changes the name of the Home Team
  • :sbaname - Changes the name of the Away Team

Set Piece Commands:

  • :ako - Gives a centre ball kick off to the Away team
  • :hko - Gives a centre ball kick off to the Home team
  • :agk - Gives a goal kick to the Away team
  • :hgk - Gives a goal kick to the Home team
  • :apk - Gives a penalty kick to the Away Team
  • :hpk - Gives a penalty kick to the Home Team
  • :afk - Gives a free kick to the Away Team
  • :hfk - Gives a free kick to the Home team
  • :acr - Spawns the ball at the right away corner.
  • :hcr - Spawns the ball at the right home corner.
  • :acl - Spawns the ball at the left away corner.
  • :hcl - Spawns the ball at the left home corner.
Supported In-Game Languages
Game Credits

Special thanks to:

@TalentedFaizan08 for Tools, scripting contributions, building and game management.
@demofocus for Scripting contributions, Graphic Design, building and design management.
@xluwop for Scripting contributions and idea contributions
@SoulsHyper for Building contributions and idea contributions.
@Alvin_Blox for Scripting Advice
@TAYFUN7 for Scripting Advice
dennyye for promotional Youtube video


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