Mute certain player's voice chat through script

I’m just wondering if its possible that I am able to mute certain player’s voice chat microphones through a script while still allowing certain other players voice chat microphones to still be activated.


not possible sadly, voice chat is still relatively new

also dnt forget to look on devforums before uploading a topic man

As the user said, it’s impossible, but you can set up a fake voice box for each player. Then, when you mute someone, move that new fake voice box to a null position or a position that no one can be near. This will make it so you cannot hear that player. I use this type of system for my Voicechat testing game to make it so you can listen to all players from any distance or only specific players. If you need any more help, don’t be shy and let me know!
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I only made a new fourm since that post is around 2 YEARS old meaning that alot has changed in Voice Chat since then.

Whats the name of the part it comes from?

The part where the listener comes from is HumanoidRootPart iirc.

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