My attack animations cancels the climbing state

In my game, players will often climb up trusses to evade death in combat. This is because players will struggle to attack them when they are climbing due to the attack animations cancelling it.

I have tried changing the collision group of the torso but it does nothing, I am currently seeing if I can overcome this by having a torso-only animation try to play over the animation when climbing.

Changing the animations is not an option, so please don’t reply with it.


Is disabling the animation when the humanoid is in the climbing state and enabling it once the player is no longer in the state an option? Or do you need for the animations to overlap each other?

I can’t do that, my problem is that people can’t attack other players when they’re climbing.

The only option in that case that i can think of right now is to change or overwrite the defualt climbing animation to work with your current animation, using Humanoid description or playing around with the animation scripts

Won’t change anything, the attack animations are at the highest priority which will overlap the climbing animation.

Is the HumanoidRootPart in your animation animated as well?

This is happening due to the way the Climbing state is registered (iirc done through a raycast) and the fact that the torso of your character is animated in the punch (torso requires collisions enabled due to internal Humanoid logic involving downcasts).

You aren’t going to like what’s coming next: but the thing you’re rejecting is effectively the only way to resolve this problem. That is unless you apply a workaround, hacky or not. The one non-hacky workaround I can think of is a separate animation played during the Climbing state.

I’ve been able to half get around the problem by playing an animation after the attack animation plays that only uses the torso, but quite often it disconnects the user from climbing which is annoying :confused:.