My first profile gfx - please may I have feedback?

Hey! I’m bull I’m new to graphics designing, but can I please have feedback on my first profile-picture gfx? I will reply to any feedback as soon as possible! :smiley: Thanks!


Maybe make your character stand out from the background. The color of the background doesn’t really match with the clothes hes wearing but its a good start.

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Thanks, like I said I’m very new. The background is simply a picture from the internet.

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Looks ok, the lighting is brighter in the back but the character appears to be getting a glow from in front.

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I used 3d viewer to edit the lighting and render it so…

ohh ok, try blender it really helps.

I’ve tried blender, I find it really complicated. I prefer 3d viewer since you can edit the lighting pretty well.

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ok! I’ve never tried a 3d viewer!

Yeah, it’s really good to edit lighting and render stuff. If you already are an artist and know how to use blender, I wouldn’t use 3d viewer. I think 3d viewer is only for begginers! :smiley:

Yeah… maybe try r15 instead of r6. The legs look really unnatural.

it looks really great, good job

I was just testing with GFX! Thanks for the feedback though really apreciated!

TYSM! I am just testing and is my first GFX so it may look a bit un-natural.

It feels like yellow light is hitting the character, but the background is a blue swirl. I recommend changing the lights to a soft blue.

I love the gfx! I would recommend a realistic background or some more lighting!

Alright! It was just a test so I could get use to making GFX

sparkles needs to be a little bit shiny
a lil bit 0-1% more

The lighting does not fit the background, the character does not fit the background, and quite frankly it looks like you rendered in in 3d viewer.

You should use blender, its good for the long term and can get commissions of 400-50,000 robux.

This could be helpful