My first work for Roblox (cinema4d + photoshop). Need feedback!

I previously dealt with the Cinema 4d program, as well as Photoshop (I’m a designer for YouTube), and I came up with the idea to create a thumbnail for my game, which will be released in a couple of months. I would like to hear your feedback about my work, regarding questions - contact :slight_smile: (sorry for the big watermark, I decided to play it safe)


My Suggestions:

Wow, for your first thumbnail made with the ROBLOX style in mind, this is really good! Although it can be improved.

  1. The character looks as if he is having barely any effect on the scene, (besides sitting down and the shadow that looks a bit fake) Maybe add some reflectivity in the ground so we get a bit of reflection?

  2. The background is too clear. Maybe add some depth of field.

Besides that, nice work!


Is your name as an overlay in the background used as a watermark or as part of the design? If it’s part of the design, I’d recommend removing it since Imo, it wouldn’t fit into the design/asthetic of the thumbnail.

From the thumbnail, I can infer that you’re creating a horror/survival type of game, If I was able to guess it correctly, you’ve done a great job and conveying the information needed for the player however.

I’d recommend exaggerating it a little more, give it some spice instead of the character sitting on the car with a gun, give it more context for example:

You could have him lay down on the car with the gun in his hand ready to shoot zombies that are crawling/climbing on the side of the car, it’ll make players want to click on the game/play it to experience the horror and joys that could come from it.

The antialising/dropshadow on the background looks a little odd unless its from the compression from uploading it. The shadow of the player should also be made a little more blurrier to make it fit in more with the player sitting on the character rather than looking artifically made. (Though its roblox so :man_shrugging:)

The overlay effect of the character over the text a little adds a nice spice which is what I quite like so nice job on that :+1:

The green light effect is somewhat mysterious but also confusing, where is it comming from/what is it? Unless thats part of it to give it mystery, It looks quite out of place. Overall nice job though keep up the great work :+1:


I agree with @Sentross the shadow almost seems artificial in the actual thumbnail.

Another thing is the two pink things on the car seem to have a strange texture. (Not sure if it is supposed to be like that)

I really love the font choice you went with, it really fits the game genre.

Otherwise, from all that, the thumbnail is pretty good.


Thank you very much for your feedback and for the time spent, you really directed me on the right track, but as for the guy sitting on the car - that’s what I intended, I have to show despair and sadness of his. So I can add a little mysticism, but I don’t think it’s worth the shootout. But your opinion is very valuable to me, thanks also to other guys! (now i fix this problems!)

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Edited some details, made a new topic - Thumbnail for my game in Photoshop/Cinema4D. Need your feedback)

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