My GFX Work/showcase

Hello, r3x9 here and I’m going to display some of my gfx work.

I downloaded blender maybe 3 months ago as of posting this but I never sat down and used it until recently this week

A render for my sister.

Lambo render

Beach render

knight and sword render

sword render

a special OPS type render

girl on horse render

There’s more but i don’t feel like putting them all.


Wow Looks Like Post Photos liked

They all look amazing, but the special OPS one could get a little more improvement, you can’t understand what is happening just by looking att the image, you have to analyse it.

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  • The render of your sister looks great, what is she standing on…
  • The lambo render looks flex but, there’s no land :confused:
  • Beach render looks nice but it looks like that girl’s neck is broken to one side
  • Girl on horse render looks nice but why the legs are into the horse’s back?

True, it looks like the holy and only light in the dark

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I started maybe 2 days ago so it won’t be perfect yet lol.

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That’s the point :slight_smile: The lighting answered it lol.

Looks amazing! One thing that could be improved / worked on, is the lighting. You could try a different method, or even just less intensity of it. But over all looks great!

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Wow, they look amazing! :tada:

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It looks very well made. I especially like the knight and sword render, its my favorite.

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It’s suppost to be mysterious lol.