My Gui in Roblox isnt the same as in Studio

My GUI when testing in studio is different then in roblox itself.image image

Top in studio

Bottom in roblox

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From my knowledge not the same things work in Roblox Studio then in the real game. Did you use a beta feature or did you publish it?

Wait, did you use the stud measurement or the screen measurement. If you used the stud measurement it would look like that

Edit: Scale and Offset sorry

Can you give us the properties of the objects? Because to me, it looks like you used a weird combination of Scaling and Offset. Try changing the size window of studio and the client, and look at what effect that has on the GUI.

It moves the GUI, how do I make it so it stays it one position?

This is because you are using the scale position of a GUI object. In order to fix this, it seems you should be using offset, since your are using offset for the size.

The new position should be {0, offsetX, 0, offsetY}
These dimensions are in pixels, the ones you are currently using are a percentage of the screen.

Check this out:

By default, when you create a GUI, Roblox will change it’s position depending on the screen size. You need to have offset set to 0, and also all the GuiFrames it’s parented to has to have Offset set to 0.

It’s annoying, and I had this problem a while ago and had to restart my entire main menu.

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I got it to be in the same space, but its not centered.

You have to adjust anchor point.

In this case, set your main frame’s AnchorPoint to 0.5, 0 and the position to 0.5,0, 0,0.

This changes the X pivot point of your frame to the center of the frame, and position it to the X center of the screen.

I made a plugin for this exact purpose a while ago. Select your ScreenGui and click on the To Scale button. Then it should be scaled properly on all resolutions. This does not work properly with scrolling frames though.