My leaderstats isn't creating a new Intvalue

Is this everything you’re creating inside the leaderstats folder?
There’s a limit of how many values it can display.

yes at least everything under playeradded function and i only want packoins to be visible on leaderboard

If you only want packoins to be visible, why are you parenting Lastseen to the leaderstats folder?
You can parent the Lastseen object inside the player.

ohh so ok i think i know what to do now ill tell you if it works

ok well i parented it to player but still it not making the intvalue

Show me a screenshot of your console after running the code, as well as the player’s descendants.


but the error is coming from a different script that i am using lastseen for but i will use findfirstchild for that

Then use FindFirstChild if you want to keep it this way.
You are most likely using the dot operator.

And, you should just merge your scripts because it still won’t find your value since the other script is most likely checking the value before it’s created.

now its saying that i am trying to index nil
should i do waitforchild

Merge the scripts, your Lastseen value is created after your other script runs, which will cause an error.

ok ill see if that works thanks for all the help so far though

in roblox studio

wait i forgot the other one is localscript so it can not run the datastore to get the lastseen value

You’ll need to use a RemoteEvent to send over the value to the client-side.
Do the DataStore handling on the server.

how would i send the value through a remoteevent? plus again the lastseen value isnt being created at all yet if you forgot

Add prints and see where your code stop.

the code stops right before it makes the lastseen value image
there is not print that is created that appears in the output or console

Does print(“Packoins.Value”) before the first “print(“created”)” work?

I just figured out how to fix it, so yeah im good now thanks though!