My models and parts are Self-Deleting

Hello. I’m pretty sure this is the correct section, but correct me if I’m wrong.

I have been building my Roblox game for 2 years now and It’s getting pretty big (In the size of course, not players :cry:). With this, has came multiple complications while I build.

For some reason, some of what I’m building is randomly deleting. For example, here is an attached image.

There was a singular part under those objects and after 3 months of staying there, it suddenly is missing.

This isn’t the only part. It started small, from a single piece of a wall to an anti-glitch part. Now, however, it’s getting more serious. Parts containing 300+ line scripts I spent days on are suddenly missing. Alarm systems with packs of noises in them gone to the point where I’ve had to roleback to recover them. Important assets critical to my game are running off on me.

I’m not sure what to do. I’m sure it’s something I’m doing wrong when it comes to building, but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Does anyone know?

Thanks for reading

Edit: To clarify, the only things being deleted are parts and models, however All of there descendents are also being deleted in the proces.


Oh my goodness this is really bad!
Well look, do you save the game correctly to roblox, like do you wait for the studio to completely save before doing /leave?
If you don’t know how this works open the output tab in view to see the studio saving.


Check who has access to you game. Game Settings > Permissions


I suggest reverting back to an old version of the game to restore the things that have been lost. Make sure to check permissions as well to see who has access to your game and make sure to remove them ASAP.
This also may be something on roblox’s end so make sure to be aware of that too.
Hope this helped. x


I completly save before exiting, and usually even publish changes.


@ValkyriesLove @JollyGameCrazy
I’m the only one granted permission.

I’m not sure how to make Roblox aware of this either.

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Have you checked for malicious plugins?

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Not sure if this is important, but sometimes my plugins do this:

Checking my plugin list, this is what I have:

I would highly recommend checking permissions, malicious plugins/free models (if any were used). Would also try and switch to an older version of the place if possible. Would also suggest copying the place into another place, trying to keep it safe and you can possibly observe what happens to that copy if anything happens to it. All seems quite bad at the moment and seems to be one of those problems that should be fixed as soon as possible, this is all I can recommend to do at the moment and might try and think of other possible solutions.


Go through things to see if theres any bad stuff like other people suggested but also I find a good way to rid my places of glitches is to save everything to a single upload then put it down in another world, that way not only will you have a save that wont be effected by save corruptions but also it might help

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Were the parts that dissapeared unions? If so, they could be victims of the “corrupted unions” problem.


Maybe you not saving your place.

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Oh boy, alot of replies.

@MarcoDas / @budmomo Only I have access to the game. All the plugins I use are from the correct owners (I checked manually), and free models wouldn’t have studio access. (I don’t use them anyway). Copying the place as a backup is a great idea though, and I’ll do that. Thank you.

@DavidNet22 Sadly it’s been Parts, Models, and Baseparts only.

@whatup_michael I save it before I sign off, and even if I wasn’t, I have Team Create setup (Even though noone has access), that way it autosaves.

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The issue could be because of roblox, though I doubt it since nobody else has reported this issue as of recent.

I’d advise saving it as a file to your computer every time you finish updating the game as a safety net, but I’ll offer some more possibilities as to what’s happening.

Go to your studio settings and ensure you have auto-recovery turned on and a file path to where those auto-recovery files save, ensure it’s enabled, and you can also freely change the interval of auto-saves.

Disable Team Create; you don’t need team create on if it’s just you working on something, and saving and publishing the game is 2 clicks away. I can’t remember correctly but I’ve faced a similar issue of things not updating after leaving when I had Team Create on.

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Thank you for these suggestions, but it appears that the issue is still persisting. Any other ideas?

It is still happening, now even more often. I really need someone to give me a solution!

Hmm, did you check the memory on the computer? It could be that. Also turn off the team create since you won’t be needing it.
Also did you report this to Roblox, that can help save other devs with the same problem?

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Can’t. I don’t have access to post on the bug reports fourm.

I mean to the support forum on the roblox website

Could you link me to it?

On another note, I think this problem could in some way be related. “Argument 1 missing or nil” in first line of a function - Help and Feedback / Scripting Support - DevForum | Roblox

A restart of studio suddenly fixed a script for no aparent reason.