My Mouse Icon doesn't let me build

Recentelly I got New Lua draggers everthing was fine, but a few days later My Roblox studio mouse icon changed to In-game mouse icon and that mouse Icon doesn’t let me select Parts/unions/models and also don’t let me change to Rotate/Move/Transform Everything keeps selected look!
(The toolbox and Terrain editor didn’t open)
If there’s a way to get my old Roblox studio mouse icon let me know


I keep running into the same problem. I’ve found the only way to get it to work again is either opening and closing Studios multiple times. Or turning on Team Create(Which fixes it 100% of the time.)


I keep on getting the same problem. I’ve been contacting people so that this can be noticed more so it can be fixed. Yesterday I made a post about this on Building Support just like you, but an admin locked it and unlisted it since it was in the “wrong section”. But it seems like they didn’t even read the post, because I was expecting them to reply: “Oh, we’ll try to fix this right away! Thanks for informing us!”. But I got none of that, so this glitch is being ignored at the moment, but soon will be noticed because it’s spreading all across Roblox.

Roblox fix this glitch now, it happens often, and it makes devs unable to build, select, etc.


It has also been happening to me. I have not been able to select any parts and I can’t select UI. This is really annoying. I just open and close studio a few times and hope it starts working.


That actually works thanks, but it doesn’t fix the glitch at all

Maybe they ignored it by the wrong category, But we don’t have access to #platform-feedback:studio-bugs that’s pretty unfair!


Hmm, that’s a interesting question. I didn’t actually encounter a problem as bad as this.

Maybe making sure that your roblox studio is up to date, or try restarting roblox studio just as what @1x_Gacha said.


This has been happening to me as well. Really annoying.

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I suffered this same thing to me as well. When I wasn’t able to finish whatever I was working on. But re-installing it, should possibly solve the problem.

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I am also having this problem, I guess we are going to have to wait for Roblox to fix this.

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This also happened to me, and it is due to roblox updating the tools, first go to plugins and enable a plugin leave it enabled, but make sure it’s one that wasn’t already enabled, then exit studio click save and re-enter studio. I hope this helps!

Woah! It looks like it solved my problem! Thanks @RealTimeCreator!

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This is related to a known bug that users are experiencing, this has to do with the tools and scaling, and moving parts. This is very likely a bug and not something related to the Lua dragger.

Please consider using the search function since this has been brought up over several times. Since this seems like a known bug. Here is a existing thread regarding the “Tools broken“ this may be able to explain the issue your experiencing, I’ll keep a eye on the thread and see if there is a simple solution to recover this issue; overall there’s not much you can do about this issue since Roblox staff are already aware of it.