My Move, Scale & Rotate tools are different or is this a Update?

Maybe its some plugins, I dont really know.

It looks like you’re using the new Lua Draggers Beta. If you want to opt-out, go to File > Beta Features and uncheck Lua Draggers Beta.

I don’t even have it checked. (30 chars)

Check if any plugins are enabled, I’m not sure if they can affect the rotate tool but it never hurts to check!

These are the plugins I have, none of them have anything to do with this tho…

Click “Manage Plugins”; image

I have the same plugins. All Updated!

Disable all plugins, restart studio and lets go from there!

Just tested, having this option checked is what shows the rotate tool like in your post. Try restarting Studio with the option on, then restart it with the option off.

I already did that but yet nothing, let me try it again.

These aren’t Lua draggers, the new draggers don’t change the way the handles look. (They are.) On a side note, the thread you linked is regarding the beta. Lua draggers have been released and the announcement thread can be found here:

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Nope doesn’t do anything. Still the same :confused:

Whenever Studio acts weird for me, I just uninstall and reinstall it. Have you tried that yet?

Nope, its still the same thing. :confused:

As colbert2677 mentioned, Roblox studio recently underwent an update that overhauled the old draggers in an attempt to make them more minimalistic and efficient. As far as I know, there isn’t much that you can necessarily do beyond learning to live with the new update and providing feedback (they should function identically to the old draggers).

I mean how come only I have this update and not other users on the platform?
And + this new tools is really painful to my development works.


Your friend may not have had the most recent Roblox Studio update (they typically roll out mid-week).

As for that, there isn’t much that you can do beyond using a third party tool (F3X or similar) and provide feedback to Roblox staff in regards to what issues you have with the new draggers.

maybe just new roblox studio update

I mean do you have this same thing? :confused:

Yes. It should be out for anyone who has the most recent version of Roblox Studio.

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