My new Portfolio Website

thank you. still working out the kinks for mobile.
(ex. sizing and whatnot)

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Did you make the website, or did you drag and drop stuff from Cool looking website though

I also found that you made it using a website builder like @kaspar1230 said, That being said It looks amazing It would be nice to see custom coding though.

i made the site from scratch using
I also know html and css
I would have made it from scratch but im lazy :neutral_face:

that is misleading though, saying Everything you see is handmade by me implies you made everything but you didn’t make the elements themselves.

buttons dont work, looks great though.

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Looks nice. But doesn’t look very good if you write robux instead of Robux; ui instead of UI. And so on.

I’d suggest you capitalizing them! :wink:

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well the pictures in the website were made by me(except the portfolio picture placeholders)
making a website on is harder than you might think.
even tho you do drag and drop elements. In order for them to look good u have make them yourself

which button did not work?

20 Characters

ALLLLL of them…
30 charasadjdjaod

I’ll go fix my spelling thx :+1:

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where you on mobile?
mobile is a bit wanky rn
im still fixing it

I’m on PC, I would like to hire you but I can’t view your work.

btw was everything all right with the site?
any other things i should change/add?

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Good looking website but quite a few spelling errors and grammar mistakes. Overall nice.

I’d like to add; when you first access the website it has a yellowed background, which somewhat hurts (my)ones eyes, that isn’t the most appealing.

Good luck, and be happy!

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Ok thx for the feedback
ill fix the grammer and tone down the transparency of the yellow background

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I like the design, Pretty good. All I can suggest is remember to make regular changes to it depending on the feedback that you get from others, feedback is key to making any good piece of work.

Yes ik. Working on the site on little details i missed.
Hopefully i can fix all. lol

It looks great! I will probably ask if you want to be hired next time I need a UI done in my game!

I just fixed the bug issue with the site
The problem


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