My really long post was moderated, why?

So one of my long posts was moderated because I put it under the topic education support, this took me days to compile all information into this topic, and for some reason it literally went down in just a day, It was basically a post that summarizes my journey through the way of my journey, I included a lot of branches of roblox development here, I linked a lot of developers and showed their work, but I still don’t understand why.

Criticism is encouraged, I still don’t know why my post got moderated, please contact me on discord if you want to see the whole post.

Also PLEASE tell me what category I should put it under, I really want people to see the post, I was pretty angry when I saw it taken down.

The moderators don’t take it down without flags in 99% of the cases. It’s the community that flags the topic and then it would be taken down.

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The moderators tell you where to put the topic in private message.

Or if it isn’t included where to put your topic in their private message so your topic shouldn’t be on the DevForum.

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Don’t post discussions of moderation from the forum. It’s written in the devforum guidelines. I suggest you delete this post before they take it down.

I would highly suggest checking out this link: Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum - #16 by Roblox8. Do not make posts regarding Developer Forum moderation. If you disagree with moderation actions on the forum, discuss it in private with the moderators.”

But I don’t know what topic to put it as, I will delete the post but I really just want to know what category to put it under then clear everything up.

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