My settings button in UI scales with device's screen

Hello, i’m trying to make a button to be same scale on all devices, but when i tried it in-game with my mobile it looked like this

I looked for some posts in devforum and it said that i need to use AnchorPoint to 0.5, 0.5 and i need to use AutoScale plugin so it can add AspectRatio and convert offset to size. I did everything that they said but i still get the same image
If you need any additional information you can ask there



May I kindly suggest this elegant solution for any topbar icons called TopbarPlus by ForeverHD? Requires minimal amounts of code and is very well documented. The final result is a fantastic looking, responsive, functional topbar UI.


This nice but for the ones that don’t want to use ForeverHD’s model, everything you need is here: UI scaling problems to fit all devices - #2 by Wigglyaa

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