My Trains Aren't Moving!

Hi people, I noticed over the past week, that when I test my trains there aren’t moving!

  • Is it not picking up the VehicleSeat or the wheels

  • Is it how I’ve built them, I made them with these tutorials

*But I have re-watch them and I still don’t see what’s wrong with them

  • Can you tell me what I am done wrong

  • Help much appreciated

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The stuff in that video is outdated, there if a few models NWSpacek made to help people understand on how to make a base.

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Am not really into scripting but before that week happened the trains were working just fine.

I can’t really help you there, but, what about looking into a working free model train? That might help you too, free models are something we can learn from.

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Ok, thanks I will look into that.

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The old type of hinge has recently been deprecated.

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