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Hello developers,

I am MythsList and I am a Roblox game developer. I joined the platform in 2018,I started developing in 2019 and started translating in 2020.

I’m offering my translating services as a competent and professional French translator.

I still live in France and my nationality is French, I speak English very frequently in real life and on the internet so it will be easy for me to translate any words.

I am bilingual, I am better than Google Translate since I know the meaning of English words and sentences.

French is a hard language to learn and to understand so I’m sure that my skills selection would be a great asset to meet your translating needs for a lot of developers who are not familiar with the French language.

And of course, it is easy to work and communicate with me as I am friendly and patient, I will not waste your time.

Bonjour les développeurs,

Je suis MythsList et je suis un développeur de jeux Roblox. J’ai rejoins la plateforme en 2018 et j’ai commencé à développé en 2019.

J’offre mes services de traduction en tant que traducteur Français compétent et professionnel.

Je vis toujours en France et je suis de nationalité Française, je parle très fréquemment l’Anglais dans la vraie vie et sur internet donc cela va être facile pour moi à traduire n’importe quels mots.

Je suis bilingue, je suis meilleur que Google Traduction puisque je connais le sens des mots et des phrases Anglaises.

Le Français est une langue dur à apprendre et à comprendre donc je suis sûr que ma sélection de compétences serait un grand atout pour répondre à vos besoins de traduction pour beaucoup de développeurs qui ne sont pas familiers avec la langue Française.

Et bien sûr, C’est facile à travailler et à communiquer avec moi car je suis amical et patient, je ne vous ferrais pas perdre votre temps.


Note : If the queue is full, I will be unavailable temporarily. Check the queue to know when I am available again. ( You can find the link for the queue in the Services section. )


Queue :memo:

( The queue is unused, I might use it only if I have too much people ordering my services, but again I work very fast so that’s also why I don’t use the queue. )

  • Price : ( This will give you an idea on the price. )


    ( Price can always be negotiated, contact me for it. Discord is highly recommended. )

  • Payment methods :

    • Group funds ( Recommended )
    • Gamepasses

    ( Gamepasses payment method might be more expensive due to creator earnings since Roblox takes about 30% of the original price. )

🧟 Zombie Outbreak

Game : :zombie: Zombie Outbreak
Group : Flowback Studios

Work :
Over 170 strings ( Outdated )

Date :
05/27/2021 ( :us: )

Zombie Defence

Game : Zombie Defence
Group : Per Games

Work :
Over 1100 strings

Date :
06/24/2021 ( :us: )

Button Simulator Quantum

Game : Button Simulator Quantum
Group : Button Simulator 3.5

Work :
Over 1100 strings

Date :
06/25/2021 ( :us: )

For more informations about me, my work or anything else. You can contact me on social medias like :
( Discord is highly recommended. )

Thanks for your reading time and I hope I interested you with my wonderful translation services! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Please change your prices? What am I seeing? Are you perhaps undervaluing your work? I’m a translator myself, and what your charging is below dirt cheap, most translators charge around 50 robux/string and well known translators charge up to 199 robux/string which then again isn’t a lot if you were to convert that to roblox’s dev ex rate. You deserve better.

Really true, I myself charge on a word basis, but it has become a hassle, so I shifted to string basis.

I mean you are not wrong but i want to provide translations to developers that can’t afford a lot of robux and I also translate games mostly for fun. (not saying that I don’t want to get anything in exchange)

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Portfolio Update : 06/19/2021

  • Prices have been increased
    (note : prices can still be negotiated, I don’t translate for free in case someone asks.)
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He is really good and fast. I am recommending him.

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Nice guy to work with, recommended if you need a French translator for your game.

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Forget to mention but I changed the prices once again, making them less expensive.
I’m still available in case anyone is interested, prices are still negotiable.