Need a design for a Welcome Screen

So I am making a new UI showcase game and I have done lots of welcome screens in the past but there a bit basic, I am looking for a challenge.

Post pictures below of designs of Welcome Screens you like and want me to attempt!

Hello there,
You can try the plugins created for this. In addition, the welcome Gui should be pleasing to the eye and pleasing. That’s why it’s so important. The welcome text should not appear when the player clicks “Reset”. You can also look at the sample photos on the internet for this!

I hope I could help :slight_smile:


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Nice, I will see if I can make that.

Couldn’t help but notice you had a cake next to your name, Happy Birthday!

It is my 1 year on devforum, thank you!

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The only thing thats the issue with that loading screen is getting a picture like the one in the background.

And that logo, I will make a new logo if I do it.

You can build a scene for it, why not follow a tutorial like this; How to Make UI Intros with Scenery!