Need a quick model

I am in need of a quick modeler, ready to be done within a hour. All i need is a quick ducky mouth, picture attached of what I need. I need JUST the mouth.
Payment - 100 group funds.

Edit** I would like the 2 pieces to be in separate parts for animation.

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contact me on discord: K͙U͙R͙O͙ # 2870

Yeah, i can do it, if you’re still looking for someone

Portfolio : [OPEN COMMISSIONS] Low Poly 3D modeler | Red1Monster

Discord : Red1Monster#3623

Hey, sorry for the late reply. Just to clarify you can finish it in a hour, and make sure it is just the duck mouth, and make them separate so I can animate them + send it as a roblox file?

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I can do it. I have no portfolio but I can get in done in 24 minutes!

If you still want it, i could make it now, just add me on discord (and tell me you still want it)

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