Need Builders For A Game

Hello There!

I’m Drakoryl, I’ve been programming for 8-9 years. I’m looking for builders that will help support the game I came up with. The cost will range to 50k Robux depending on your qualifications of a builder. There’s not much to be built (Just a lobby, and a simple medium sized map). The style you’d be building is that relatable to Minecraft, or Survival 303 which are both old games.

If there are more than one builders I will split the 50k to 25k each as I have 50k to afford. Wherever you add me, do provide an example or I will most likely not hire you for the job.

We can talk about the game once added via Twitter, Discord, or Roblox Account (though I prefer Discord)

Discord: Drakoryl#7670
Roblox: Drakoryl - Roblox


I’m interested. Add me EternalCanadianDev#1541

I am interested, I added you on discord PixelZombieX#5777

I’m intrested , sent a friend request on discord bondo#2436.

Here is my portfolio just in case you want to see it.

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