Need feedback on starting project!

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Hello! I’m DavidNet22, an upcoming Roblox artist!

Recently I started drawing and did some different works. I would like everyone of you to give me some feedback and tips. If you like some of them you can check out my profile and look at my internet page. Thank you!

Some are kind of bad, please be objective


1st one

2nd one

3rd one (unfinished)

I would love your opinion!



I quite like the artwork, it gives off old Roblox vibes for some reason. Your lines are a bit shaky but that’ll get better as you spend more time drawing and get used to it.

I really like how you drew the ground in the first one, it looks like a Roblox baseplate in that it has definitive flat edges but it also has a soft grassy feel to it which I find rather charming. The perspective is a bit off and the buildings look like they’re leaning in different directions whereas the trees are going straight up. I’m also not quite sure where the path in front of the first house is leading as it seems to just stop.

I love the grass as well as the characters on the second one, they look really nice. The sky looks a little bit off though. And you could improve a little on the lighting, the glowing egg should cast a light on the characters faces and their backs should be a bit more in shadow because they’re facing the light source.

I’m a big fan of how you did the text for the third one, I can’t really give any suggestions here as it doesn’t look like you’re completely done with it yet.


Overall I think you’re doing really well, I like how you draw grass and how you drew the title on the third one and the way you draw characters is really cute. However you could improve a bit on perspective, lighting and line quality.

Keep up the great work, hope this helps.

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I am not even sure if you’re allowed to do such polls if we’re looking at the RDF ToS.
Just heard about that recently somewhere, so not sure.

I’ll just pretend I didn’t see that poll :flushed:

Beside that, the second one would be interesting if you’d shape the heads more blocky rather than cylinder. But keep going!

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This is pretty good. However, the freehand stuff looks less so. On the left and right (noob & socials), they look out of place. The explosion around the DVD gaming logo is not that great as the cutouts are visible and the background (shapes) are low in res but, it fits. I’d suggest changing/removing the noob/socials and probably the character dabbing as, dabbing is old & it also looks out of place, not really relating to gaming in any way. Hope this helps

Oh wait! You didn’t saw the drawings! The banner was just something i did for fun

oH. The drawings look ok, not much I can judge. They look like roblox ads :smiley:

You’re right! I read again the DevForum rules and found this:
Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum - #15 by Roblox?

Thank you so much for saving me of my first strike!

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Personally, I really like the choppy style of the pieces, however to be used in a game setting, I don’t think people would find the style attractive to click on and play but GFX would work really well as your designs are amazing but from a “player browsing explore” point of view, I don’t think many people would click on it as all of the top games right now currently have GFX or 3D thumbnails, icons etc)

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I think it looks amazing!

You just have to put a little more practice into those drawings and you’ll be off earning tons of money with your art.

Ngl, I’d personally right now hire you to do a thumbnail for my new upcoming game :flushed:


Well, I’m really glad you like it! Thx for your feedback. I’m open for any project rn if you want to hire me. My prices are extremely low cause I’m learning, but if you want to work with me… I will accept happily!

Contact me on Discord so we can talk more about this :eyes: bababue#6429

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