Need help about unions

When you want to create a square shaped hole in another square part , it happens but when you try to walk in , 4 invisible ramps which you cant select , appears. here’s a picture of what ı mean:

As you can see i ım flying. Im sure lot of you seen this problem. Is there a way to fix this? because its very important for me.

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toggle this, it’s less performant but useful if you need precise hitboxes (if it’s outside of the map don’t bother).

edit: I should probably explain all 4.

  • Box: just a box. nothing special, most performant.
  • Hull: gets the outermost points and connects them. like wrapping paper. that means it’s not cubed, but if the shape goes inwards or creates a hole, it won’t work.
  • Default: nice approximation. not as performant as the last two. still has problems sometimes, especially with holes, such as the one you have here – a broken doorway.
  • PreciseConvexDecomposition: slowest, but fixes almost all of the problems and handles holes pretty well. the solution to your problem.
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Cheers , also this one wont work if out of borders? I need to know.

no, I mean if it doesn’t need collisions and is just for decoration, it’s unnecessary lag. for a doorway, you should change it.

Ah okay. Thanks again for help.

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