Need help making a game

I’m trying to achieve an ore mining thing, like azure mines. The way I’m trying to get it is to basically, make it do this if you go down. It creates an ore at the left, right, front, back and bottom. If there is no ore above it’d make one at the top, I don’t know how to do this. I only made an attempt. Contact me on discord, #petrkc#4168 to talk more. I got screenshots there.

Had this problem for days now, nobody even helped at all. If anyone is willing to help, contact me on discord like I said above. I’m tired of making projects to go to waste. If you do want to help, payment is not possible as I do not have a credit card nor robux. Readers, please understand and be nice to help.

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Post your screenshots and attempted code here. Solving a problem on the forum acts as a resource for others in the future, and since no payment is being offered, there is no reason to resolve this behind closed doors.


If you’re looking for a mining resource project, ideas or scripts. I suggest you to look into this Forum post:

Also please don’t use this Forum section to ask for full scripts. If you’re looking for someone that you can hire, please use the Recruitment section for that. If you’re looking for people to help you with your problem, you should open a little bit up and show us what you need exactly help with. Just from reading your text and description, doesn’t help.


I never understood the scripts.

Sure. I’ll get a link to gyazo.

Take a loook at the attempt I made.

local rep = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local ore_Generation = rep:WaitForChild("GenerateOre")
local ores = game.ReplicatedStorage.Ores
local orelist = {"Dirt","Iron","Ore"}
local function getchoice()
	local choice = math.random(1,100)
	return choice
	local choice = getchoice()
	local orechoice = orelist[math.random(1,#orelist)]
	if orechoice ~= ores.Dirt.Name then
		local p = ores[orechoice]:Clone()
		p.Parent = workspace.OreList
		p.Position =,hit.Position.Y-6,hit.Position.Z)
		local p2 = ores[orechoice]:Clone()
		p2.Parent = workspace.OreList
		p2.Position =,hit.Position.Y,hit.Position.Z-6)
		local p3 = ores[orechoice]:Clone()
		p3.Parent = workspace.OreList
		p3.Position =,hit.Position.Y,hit.Position.Z+6)
		local p4 = ores[orechoice]:Clone()
		p4.Parent = workspace.OreList
		p4.Position =,hit.Position.Y,hit.Position.Z)
		local p5 = ores[orechoice]:Clone()
		p5.Parent = workspace.OreList
		p5.Position =,hit.Position.Y,hit.Position.Z)
		local p = ores.Dirt:Clone()
		p.Parent = workspace.OreList
		p.Position =,hit.Position.Y-6,hit.Position.Z)

I am no good at making mining games. So I gave it an attempt. Some dude said I’d need raycasting. I think I would, I do not know.

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I’ve also gotten the script and screenshot of my problems.