Need help making a moving platform using only scripts

Alright so Im making a monorail for a game, but problem is I dont want to use Wheels, and such because
people will glitch the train and break it, What Service can I use that will make it so people can stand on the moving platform and not lag behind?

I think you’d want to use a BodyVelocity here. That’ll automatically push your thing forward - you may have to control it via a script, though.

TweenService should be good for moving the train. Brief Introduction to Tweening Models

Theres a post that shows how you can make sure the player stays on the platform/train using cframe and putting the player into the right spot with raycasting:

To have the platform move, you can decide to keep cframing it forward to a relative position or just use TweenService as someone suggested above ^^

If you’re planning to move it on the server, use TweenService2 Instead (it replicates a tween to all clients then moves the position on the server by steps or where it finished tweening):