Need Help On A Player Tag System

I’m trying to do a player tag system using IntValues where “1” means the tag is active and “0” is inactive

I have a “task” that should tick the “Has Uranium” tag as “1” but it seems it isn’t working

I’ve tried looking at a few other posts and none of them seem to help my issue

Here is the code I’m using

local PlayersServ = game.Players
local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local TAG = Player.PlayerScripts["Player Tags"]



	print("Event fired")
	TAG["Has Uranium"].Value = 1
	print("Gave "..Player.Name.." Tag") 
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You can use a bool value instead. Also this is really bad for networking as well. I recommend reading this post about this too.

Do you know any methods that are good for networking?

Actually nvm but what I was saying is you can use bool values for this instead.

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Ok, cool. Thank you!

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Is it changing from a server or local if local fire it to server.

Okay so, I agree with nonamehd24 that you should definitely use bool values, however, I think that I could definitely help more if I had more description. What does the output look like, is it printing the “Event fired”? What exactly are you trying to make happen? Given you are using a local script