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I need some help about terrain. Are there any way that I can copy terrain from a game to a game?.
Example: I want to copy the terrain from testplace 1 to testplace 2?.
I am making an City game with very big terrain in it. So any tutorials?

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you need to download the plugin: Terrain Save and Load - Roblox

Once you have the plugin, you can open it and click on the “Save” button. This will save the terrain and call it “SavedTerrain” in the Explorer.

To load the terrain in another place, you need to copy the “SavedTerrain” from the Explorer in the first place and paste it into the Explorer of the second place. Then, you can open the plugin in the second place and click on the “Load” button to load the terrain.

Look into this tutorial by Roblox themselves

or in simple terms:

  1. Put this in the command bar, then press Enter
workspace.Terrain:CopyRegion(workspace.Terrain.MaxExtents).Parent = workspace.Terrain
  1. Save as a .rbxm file the generated terrain under the workspace.Terrain
  2. Go to a different place and paste this in the command bar, then press Enter again
workspace.Terrain:PasteRegion(workspace.Terrain.TerrainRegion, Vector3int16.new(-32000, -32000, -32000), false)

then you should have it :slight_smile:


Thank you for helping me. Good day!

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