Need help with anchoring doors

I cant it wont move when anchored

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image It moves Open1 and Open2 and Union and Part moves with it

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Ah, you can use :SetPrimaryPartCFrame() instead and put the parts for each door in a model. This will allow you to maintain the same behaviour

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You can try to weld them to the primary part and then change the CFrame.

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Ye but people are still able to push it

Yeah and anchor them now. I use TweenService on anchored parts also welded to primary part and animations works.

Soo if i use tween it should work?

CFrame manipulation would work too. Make sure your part is anchored by default.

PS: Did not read the replies, gonna do that now.

Yeah, but I had to weld other parts, I had an model with different parts and those had to move at the same time as primary part but because you have doors is just a little bit more complicated because you will need different tweens to use just because of two seperate doors which are moving.

That’s clearly because the Union is a child of the door. If a parent is moving, its children would move along with it too.

Ye i know that, but i need to make it anchored but still be able to move it using CFrame

Anchor the door, and all its children. Then try your script. If it still doesn’t work, would you mind showing us the script?

Can you give me tween (moving script) example?

EDIT: I need to move it (0,0,-2)
and then after -2 finishes: (0,0.5,0)

Better solution by @colbert2677

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GetPrimaryPartCFrame is not a valid member of part

personal experience, tween is easier and better for this situation (my opinion)

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You need to use it on a model containing your parts, not the part itself. Put the parts into the model and set the PrimaryPart to the part you currently move.

If you want to make a moving door like one of the earlier push doors, they use hinges and aren’t anchored - all parts of the door are welded together.

If you want to make tweening doors however, you’d create a hinge which is anchored, weld everything to that and then rotate it through tweening.

Sorry I didn’t look through all the chats here, but did you try anchoring the parts?

You can just anchor the parts.

Psst, by the way.

I recommend this over the current marked solution that suggests using a CFrameValue proxy. It’s problematic and I explain why in this tutorial.