Need help with group service

How would I get a list of players from a group rank?

So I’m making a “Hub” game because my game has multiple projects and this would be the main place to get information and a list of my games, but how can I get a list of players from a group in a certain rank?

It would need to return the username.

You’ll need to use a third party service. Guide to Scripting Bots | Javascript Tutorial | FunCaptcha and New Host Info is a good starting place to learn.

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With HttpService and a proxy, you can use Roblox’s Groups API v1.{groupId}/roles/{roleSetId}/users returns every user in a particular role (roleSetId) of a particular group (groupId). For more information, view its documentation.

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Why would a third party service be necessary for this? The only third party service required is a proxy, but even then, I recommend setting up your own.

A proxy is considered to be a third party, as you need an outside way to interact with roblox api.

The tutorial you provided does not mention how to set up or use a proxy. It describes programming Discord bots that interact with Roblox, which is irrelevant to OP’s question.