Need help with specific zone fog

Hi, I actually work on a training center for WorldPoints Expeditions and I want to know how can i put fog only in specific zone (red zone on photo)

Please contact me quickly, this training center need to be finished in 3 days.
Thanks in advance, Xoxo: Official_DevFrancais.

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Do you need there to be actual fog in the room? Or do you need there to be fog (for the player) in the world, only when the player is in the red zone.

Only in the room, It’s for a better simulation

Here is something I quickly put together, I think this is what you want.
(The selected parts are the important parts)

fog demo.rbxl (18.5 KB)


I’d use this resource to retrieve the player if in Zone, then fire a RemoteEvent to the client and change & modify lightning settings to the wanted fog for the client.

But this would be a more advanced solution.

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Thanks, this will help my expeditions :wink:

Wait, do you know a video who explain how use it ?

@jojo2467 has made you it already in a place file.

Step 1: Open his place file and search for “LocalScript”. Look for it in StarterPlayer → StarterCharacterScripts and then add it to your place in the same way.


Step 2: There should also be a part with the name “FogDetectionPart” directly in Workspace, in your game.



Don’t work for me,

Have you checked the script? I personally haven’t seen the file as I’m not sure where I can download them on mobile, but maybe the script wants you to set your own fog or your own variables…?

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