Need help with torso and head following mouse

And now it’s spamming this error:

Referencing line 49:

if CameraSubject:IsDescendantOf(Character) or CameraSubject:IsDescendantOf(Player)
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Can you tell me the value of the CameraSubject?

Not sure how to find it, but also forgot to note that Player is underlined red in the code.

You can try adding a constant for player, then getting the value in the getLocalData function . See if that helps. But the error shows CameraSubject is missing so you will have to get that.

Is this what you’re looking for? In that case, it’s humanoid. image

Can you try adding print(CameraSubject) after local HeadPosition? I’ll get a better understanding of the issue if I see whether the CameraSubject is firing.

This is what it prints.

Now, can you try firing CameraSubject.Name in the local script?

Got this,

Have you put the localscript in StarterPlayerScripts? If so, can you do the same as above after putting it in StarterCharacterScripts?

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Yes, it’s currently in PlayerScripts. And yes I can do that.

That error means you’re sending too many remote requests at one time.

HeadRotation.rbxl (19.3 KB) This is something not necessary but still pretty useful, it is from a post I forgot but it works just insert the scripts to the valid parents, and yeah it works. This is only made for head btw, but you can edit it and make it torso its pretty easy.


Can you tell me how you can do by using the camera instead of the mouse?

Wouldn’t this be causing a bit of network lag? As you’re firing a RemoteEvent every frame

how would i make this work in r6?

You would have to use something either than the waist . . . but I think you should honestly have your characters be R15.

Is there a way to make it so that there are no limitations?

personally i find r15 characters odd because p2w hitboxes i would use r6 rn because my game is more competitive

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how to make it work with my custom character ?