Need some guidance on 'Press E'

Hey, I’d like to make the following script:

If you press the Letter ‘E’ on your keyboard. You’d be awarded a badge.
I may want to do something similar in the future. (Press E to be kicked from the game for example)

What I really need is just a really basic format that basically says When E is pressed do _

I am aware you aren’t really supposed to ask for full scrips so any guidance would be amazing.
Please note, I am brand new at scripting so I don’t really know all the ‘technical terms’.

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You could use a script that handles the actual click, fires a RemoteEvent, and then the server would award the badge using BadgeService.

If you are refering to some sort of interaction system, then I would suggest you check out Proximity Prompts.


To put it in basic words.

You press E, you get a Badge.

Ah, well if the user simply has to press a key at any time then just use InputBegan.

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As Jhxan said, just make a localscript that contains InputBegan, then use a remote and communicate between the localscript and the serverscript. Make sure that your remotes are actually secured.

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