Need someone to test something out in my game so i can make sure it works fine

So i need someone to test out a product i made in the shop to make sure it works because it shows an error when i do it. (It shows the purchase modal but says there is an error)


  1. Load up this game.

  2. Click the button under “Small donation”

  3. If it show you able to make a transaction with no error then it works.

  4. Do NOT purchase it. Unless you so wish in which case I’m not your mom. You do you.


When I joined it popped up with the donations and I clicked the button under it and it said this:
Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 12.53.26 PM

That same one popped up.

Curious? I know i made the product.

Oh well

Time to throw out todays hard work and go back to the drawing board

You cant donate, you cant close the gui which is really annoying I would reccoment watching AlvinBlox on YouTube

Try not to be so negative. Remember, they came to this thread to help you out!