Need someone to test something out in my game so i can make sure it works fine

So i need someone to test out a product i made in the shop to make sure it works because it shows an error when i do it. (It shows the purchase modal but says there is an error)


  1. Load up this game.

  2. Click the button under “Small donation”

  3. If it show you able to make a transaction with no error then it works.

  4. Do NOT purchase it. Unless you so wish in which case I’m not your mom. You do you.

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When I joined it popped up with the donations and I clicked the button under it and it said this:
Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 12.53.26 PM

That same one popped up.

Curious? I know i made the product.

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Oh well

Time to throw out todays hard work and go back to the drawing board

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You cant donate, you cant close the gui which is really annoying I would reccoment watching AlvinBlox on YouTube

Try not to be so negative. Remember, they came to this thread to help you out!